Spotify Integration Complete!

Tomorrow I’ll have some big news to report about IndieFilter! But until then I’d like you to take a moment and say hello to our new friend Spotify Integration.

This nice little update to IndieFilter will bring access to songs I’ve been listening to and place them into a nice little playlist for you. Good news, it doesn’t auto load! Everyone hates that, always searching for the pause button or the mute key…

I’ll be keeping five songs up there for one week before switching it up with some new tunes for you.

• Spotify Playlist (Week of May 21st, 2012)
1. The War on Drugs- Brothers
2. Washed Out- Amor Fati
3. Girls- My Ma
4. Beach Fossils- Moments
5. Real Estate- It’s Real

This is just the beginning, cheers! ∞

Looking Up


2 responses to “Spotify Integration Complete!

  1. their favourite songs, be it of all time or smilpy at this moment. I took the liberty to start with my own playlist, Jacob de Greeuw, Eduard Versteege and Sander van der Linden followed. Today I’m publishing

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